Welcome to Herpes-Answers.org.  Our support team are here to give you straight-forward, no-nonense answers to your concerns about herpes and cold sores (and any other condition caused by this annoying virus!).

The truth is, herpes is not hardly as scary as some people might think it is.  If you have seen a photo on the internet and thought “aahhh.. is that herpes?” don’t be alarmed.  The photos that you will find on the internet are almost always worst case scenarios.  For most people, herpes is an annoying skin condition that is managable and treatable

This website is here for those of us who are affected by this virus but refuse to let it be more than what it is – a skin condition.  Learn the REAL facts about herpes and cold sores.

Some Recommended Reading:

Westover Heights Genital Herpes Handbook – accurate facts and helpful advice to cope with herpes, written by Terri Warren (a respected practitioner in the field).

Herpes and Cold Sore Support Forum – a great place to read about herpes experiences and chat about all things related to the herpes virus.  This is a very active community and a great avenue for SUPPORT.

HerpesDiagnosis.com – a good resource for herpes test information, such as the different tests available and how they work.  This site was written by a group of medical doctors.

Yoshi2Me – a site with lots of useful information, written by a lady (Angela a.k.a yoshi2me) who has herpes herself.

Herpes-Coldsores.com – an excellent information and support network, this site has an extensive list of easy-to-read herpes articles.

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