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Live a cold sore free life the natural way

As you may know if you have followed the Blog for a period of time our editors are always on the scout for effective and where possible natural, non-harmful remedies that can help to get rid of our cold sore and herpes breakouts more quickly.

We came across an article the other day which we thought raised some interesting points that could help stop frequent cold sores, and possibly outbreaks of other Herpes simplex (HSV) conditions too? Like genital herpes, since they are caused by the same virus only different strands (HSV-1 and HSV-2).

Basically the article (titled Live a cold sore free life the natural way)  talks about focusing your energy on eating right, living healthily and using natural treatments to help speed the healing time.  What I like about this approach is that it make sense to support your body with the right food stuff, and its actually comforting to think that we have a degree of control over our outbreaks if we take care in how we live our lives.

Lifestyle is a major factor when it comes to cold sores. “By educating people about Cold Sores, and the tools and knowledge that can be used to keep them away, it not only helps to ease the pain and embarrassment but can also help to reduce the incidence of cold sore infections.

I’m impressed with the list of natural remedies mentioned in the article (which I’ve posted below) mainly because I am familiar with the research behind them and know that many of these remedies do in fact work:

Natural Remedies to help ward off a Cold Sore:

Andrographis – this wonder herb can inhibit cold sore virus activity in vitro and improve the level of killer T-helper cells (cells in your immune system that are essential to control cold sores). Combine with the herbs Echinacea and Olive Leaf for best results.

Lysine – this is an amino acid that is shown in studies to reduce the frequency of cold sore breakouts and accelerate healing. It does this by naturally restricting another amino acid called Arginine, which the cold sore virus needs to become active.

Broccoli, Cabbage and Brussel Sprouts – these vegetables are naturally high in a compound called indole-3-carbinol (I3C) which clinical studies show may have the potential to interfere with the way the cold sore virus reproduces, so eat plenty of these veges to help keep breakouts away.

Engystol® – this is a homeopathic remedy made by a reputable German brand named Heel. Engystol can be beneficial in strengthening an immune response against the cold sore virus, and may be particularly helpful in persistent cases.

Panax ginseng – if needed can help to counteract the effects of stress, past or present illness, alcohol and other strains on the immune system. This in turn can help to prevent a cold sore.

What I also liked was the list of “lifestyle tips” that many of us may not realize can cause cold sores to pop up… like avoiding medications with steroids in them, think cortisone cream and asthma meds, and to pay attention to any hormonal issues and treat these first – like missed periods or menopause.

We thoroughly enjoyed this read, and hope you do too~

Read the full article here:

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