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Concealing a coldsore, should I do it?

It is best to try and avoid covering the cold sore if possible.  It is normally best to leave the area uncovered so you can allow it to aerate and breathe, this will help the lesion dry out and heal more quickly.

What I have also found is that sometimes attempts to conceal the sore can affect the healing process and slow down the healing time.  Some coverings may also pull or tear the sore or scab when they are removed – this is the worst outcome because the sore then takes longer to heal and the skin may heal with a scar.
If you want to try something to help heal the sore more quickly you may like to try applying a little bit of Aloe Vera or Vitiman E once a scab has formed or healing is on its way.
Remeber this tip and your skin will thank you 🙂

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