To start out I will say that I was in a relationship for about 2 years, and a couple of months after we broke up I had been with a new partner, neither of which have ever had a herpes outbreak. I understand its common to have no symptoms.

In september 2016 I went to my gyno for what i thought was candida overgrowth with symptoms of a white vaginal discharge, bloating,white tongue, tonsil stones and skin rash on my knee. I’ve always believed I’ve had a weakened immune system and other health issues after receiving Gardasil shots when I was younger. After telling her my symptoms and getting a pap smear, my doctor had only looked and sent me away with Nystatin for a yeast wash out and said to come back for my results.

When I came back in October my pap results were negative for yeast or any STD. She said i was fine and this was something that must be normal and i will just have to deal with it. She decided to take another pap smear and a blood test since nystatin didn’t help any of my symptoms. This time she didn’t give me any medications and told me to come back for my results

When i went back in November she told me I came back negative for anything on the pap. She then told me I had a high level of HSV-2 antibodies and that is what was causing my symptoms, and i was negative for HSV-1. Even though I didn’t have a single symptom of genital herpes, which I know is common for HSV-2, she gave Valacyclovir 2x for 5 days.

While taking these antibiotics my symptoms I had originally came with were worse than ever. (antibiotics are awful for candida) I had rash on my knees (these are large welps that last for a while), arms, back and neck, tonsil stones, sore throat, discolored bumps in the back of my throat, severe bloating, constipation, and the white vaginal discharge was back and worse than i had started with.

While taking the antibiotics I didn’t have anything that would be a genital herpes outbreak. I’m lost. I’ve read that a lot of the symptoms I’ve been having that I thought were candida overgrowth are the same as staph infection, which i have been exposed to. Would staph infection cause a false positive and higher levels of HSV-2 antibodies? Are HSV-2 antibodies 100% genital herpes?